Mounted on two new Red Epic cameras, these
Garden Designs Eyebrows are seen in action
on-location for a recent CBS TV Pilot.

My work as a motion picture camera assistant over the last two decades has inspired me to develop thoughtful solutions for crews working in the motion picture industry. The Garden Designs concept began after experiencing a few too many tense moments struggling to find any one of thirty miniature Wiha screwdrivers to repair my camera equipment. To keep the numerous sizes and styles straight and ready for use, I developed a method of color-coding each tool and labeling its place within a compact, portable case—the Garden Designs Wiha Tool Pouch. Designed for longevity, this pouch also saves valuable time, which, as everyone in the motion picture industry knows, there’s never enough of. 

In 2003 I expanded the Garden Designs line to include lightweight eyebrows with sizes to fit most motion picture camera matte boxes. Built out of a durable plastic material called Coroplast, each eyebrow is manipulated by a quick-adjust hinge flap, an exclusive Garden Designs engineered solution. By taking advantage of Coroplast’s corrugated construction, I created a flexible hinge using the material’s fluted structure. This weight-saving solution provides for quick, frustration-free adjustments of the eyebrow just before the shot.
Compelled by the lightweight versatility and strength of the Coroplast material, I recently developed a smaller version of the traditional wooden camera front box. Like my previous products, the inspiration came out of the need for a compact and hassle-free alternative to an otherwise cumbersome solution.
My background in engineering and lifelong fascination with materials and technology have me constantly thinking up new ideas for camera crews who put in long hours on sets and on location. As many years behind the scenes have taught me, innovative and easy-to-use tools can make a world of difference. I look forward to offering future designs that can save fellow motion picture professionals time, trouble and money.
All of my products are assembled by hand in Santa Monica, California. Please follow my Facebook page for Garden Designs updates and new product notifications.
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